DIY Wood Slices Pumpkin/Reindeer


What you will need:

3 Wood slices


Drill bits

Wood glue

Wood dowel rods

Paint (orange, brown, black)

Christmas picks (for antlers)



Fall picks


First off, this was a lot easier than it looked. I first saw this idea on Pinterest, but it was with a stack of three wood slices that made a snowman on the Christmas side. I loved it and since our theme includes reindeer I put my thinking cap on. This is what I came up with and am in love with it!

All my items are from Hobby Lobby. I highly recommend going in person and not ordering online. This way you can actually lay it all out to make sure it will look the way you want it. This was very important for the wood slices since they very in shape. Thickness is also important with the wood slices. The thin ones are great for the base, but you need the thicker ones to stack.

ย  First we drilled a hole into the base. This will need to be able to fit the wooden dowel. We used several different sized drill bits to slowly enlarge the hole so we didn’t crack the wood slice.

Then we drilled a hole in the side of the wood slice that is going to be the bottom pumpkin/reindeer body that will be attached to the base. Again using several drill bits so we didn’t split the slice. You will also drill the hole at the other side of the bottom/body to attach your top piece, and the bottom of the top piece. Make sure to go deep enough to support the weight of the wood slices.

You will also need to drill two holes on the top of the top pumpkin/head. These two holes on the top will be for the stem and the antlers, so they only need to be big enough to put the picks in. It’s much easier to drill the holes in all the slices before you put it all together.ย  Remember to lay things out and figure out exactly how you want things to look before you drill.

Next we slid the wood dowel into the bottom pumpkin/reindeer body then slid the base slice onto the dowel. This way we could mark the dowel so we knew where to cut it so it will be flush with the bottom. Once it was cut we added wood glue to both ends of the dowel and connected the slices. We sat it on a piece of cardboard while it dried in case some glue came out of the bottom. Then we cut the dowel and attached the top slice, make sure it fits before you put the wood glue on so it will be easier to shorten the dowel if need be.

For the stem we just put a nail in the bottom of the cork. I decided to paint mine brown.

For the pumpkin side I painted the slices orange, then used brown paint to lightly do the indentations of the pumpkins. This side you will only use one of the holes you put on the top for the stem/cork. The fall picks I added to the top, middle and bottom to give it some dimension, but you can do as much or little as you like.

For the reindeer side I painted the slices brown and added his face. His scarf is just some ribbon. I picked buffalo check because I’m obsessed with it and it’s all throughout my house at Christmas time. I really loved these picks for the antlers because I thought the pine cones on them looked like his ears. One recommendation is to put the antlers in before you paint on the face. That way if the head is tilted a little like mine, thought it gave the reindeer some character, you can make sure his face lines up right.

I hope you all love this project as much as I do. Have fun getting creative!

Stephanie Sanders

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