The Worst Day Ever by Debbie Reece

James likes going to school and seeing his friends, Molly and Will. But what happens on those days when everything seems to go wrong? School administrators, counselors, and teachers as well as parents are giving this story two thumbs up for addressing every day issues that early elementary school children face daily. Self control, impulse behavior, or just having a hard time adjusting to school rules. And friendships, sometimes friends are having a bad day and just need a hug too. Share this award winning story with your children when they exclaim, This was the worst day ever! In the end, James, and his friend, Molly, learn the valuable lesson that there is someone who will hug and love them, no matter how bad their day is. Includes a coloring page where children can draw how a hug feels to them.


Debbie Reece grew up in Maryland. She has a college degree and spent 12 years working for the federal government. Her career in computer and network technical support and training allowed her to write training documentation while learning about all the new and latest technology. When she thought she had had enough of Maryland, she moved to South Carolina and started working for a school district. Still involved with computers and technology, she started training people and creating easy-to-follow documentation for users to learn how to enjoy using a computer and not fear it. She met her husband in South Carolina and had her first child, Matthew. Now her family resides in Texas. As a stay at home mother, she never really considering herself an author. This fantastic story is inspired by her son, Matthew. Debbie has enjoyed so many memories and stories involving her son and his experience in the world. She is working on other books about the joys of life with a toddler and a bad day in school. The years just seem to slip by seemingly unnoticed until our children are leaving for college or getting married.

Debbie Reece

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The Worst Day Ever is such a super cute book and easy for young kiddos to relate to!  My little one has been asking for more HUGS when she is having a hard time or bad day since reading this book. This is the second book that Debbie Reece has featured James in and following his adventures has been such fun! I hope she continues to write books around James! We definitely recommend checking out The Worst Day Ever by Debbie Reece and opening the conversation about having bad days with your child!
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Disclosure: I received a copy of the book to give to my child’s Kindergarten class and one for review purposes only. I was not compensated to write a positive or favorable review. This is Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s personal opinion.

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