Taking a page from one of my favorite book bloggers Fade Into Fantasy here is my top 5…

1. Actor/Actress –   Adam Sandler/Angelina Jolie

2.  Band –  This one is hard because I love all types of music (rock, pop, rap, jazz, country, etc.) but since it says band… I’ll go with the first one that popped into my head ~ Def Leppard

3.  Book –    I love to read so this is also very hard one but if this is based on how many times you’ve read a book then it would be the Twilight Saga (read all books twice)!

4.  Movie –  Wizard of Oz ~ Who doesn’t love this movie!!


5.  Food –    Sushi (all kinds)

So there’s my top fives.. what are yours?

Images 1-4 courtesy google, image 5 courtesy Midori Sushi -Austin