How-To Halloween (During a Pandemic)

It’s 2020. Everything is already basically a horror film. But if you’re looking for some ways to celebrate Halloween safely, check out my list below. Chances are good, depending on where you live, that trick-or-treating isn’t the safest way to go. Kids and adults alike can still celebrate but without putting themselves (and others) at risk this Halloween season. It’s just like everything else this year: we’ll adjust and make it work. We’ve got this!

Halloween Movie Night: No matter the age range of your audience, there are some great Halloween movies out there. From family classics to slasher flicks, you have lots of options. You can even host a long distance watch party. Netflix has a Chrome extension that you can use to sync up your selection with friends and family. So grab the popcorn and make it a night in!

Halloween movies for the whole family

Older kids and teens

For the grown-ups

  • The Addams Family (an oldie but a goodie, available on Netflix)
  • Insidious (get ready to hide your eyes, available on Amazon Prime Video)
  • A Haunted House (think Scary Movie funny, available on Netflix)
  • Zodiac (Mark Ruffalo, Jake Gyllenhaal, and RDJ…I’m here for it, available on Netflix)
  • Scream (Drew Barrymore has the best scream amirite?, available on Amazon Prime Video)

Candy Time

If you’re worried about your kids missing out on all that trick-or-treating candy, grab a fun Halloween piñata and go to town. This works out well if you’re one of those parents who swipes the good candy after your kids go to sleep. No judgement. We all do it. Here are a few links to Halloween specific piñatas.


If you’re like many of us and have family far and wide or a high-risk family member that is feeling disconnected this Halloween season, try sending some customized Halloween greeting cards. Get those costumes ready and have a DIY photo shoot. Then using helpful stationary templates, you can upload photos for your very own greeting card. Many photo developing locations have custom greeting cards available for one-hour pickup if you’re in a rush. Or if you have some time, have them delivered to your home. USPS even has Halloween stamps. So spread some Halloween cheer to your long distance loves.

Carve It Up

If you feel comfortable with a social distance outing, pumpkin patches make a great option. They’re outdoors, and it’s relatively easy to stay 6 feet away from other people. You can pick your own pumpkin and bring it home for some next level pumpkin craving. Check out these awesome design templates…

Party Time (sort of)

Host a family only party or outdoor social distancing event. If you’re inviting folks outside your bubble, keep the numbers low and make it a masked party which shouldn’t be too hard. Find ways to work masks into your costumes. Make it fun! Or play it safe and have a household only mini-celebration. Everyone dress up, play party games (but not bobbing for apples), include festive decorations and fun Halloween appetizers and snacks. Need party food ideas? I’ve got you covered…

Wishing you a fun, festive, and, most of all, a safe Halloween!!

Brooke Nowiski

Brooke has been a rabid romance reader since 2003 when she discovered a group of sparkly vampires. That love for reading and happily ever afters led her to a behind-the-scenes role in the indie book community. She loves discovering and supporting new authors while also attempting to tackle her TBR list. This Tennessee girl currently enjoys her own happily ever after in Durham, North Carolina with her bearded husband, two wild boys, and a really terrible cat.

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