Halloween Charcuterie


Super Easy


15 Min




  • Meats of your choice (I used prosciutto but any cured meat works well) 
  • Cheese of your choice (Mix it up with something salty and sweet. I went with manchego and Wensleydale with Blueberries)
  • Crackers of your choice (or pretzels make a great choice too!)
  • Fruit of your choice (berries provide great color and make excellent filler on your platter)
  • Dips of your choice
  • Candy of your choice


Step 1

Simply arrange your chosen items on a platter. Try alternating colors and patterns. Fun dip options include hummus or Nutella. For this Halloween variety I tried to include popcorn and candy corn for festive fun. And the peeled clementine gives off a pumpkin vibe. This is all customizable for your preferences. Have fun with it! 

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