Halloween wigs, there are those costumes that just aren’t complete without one. Unfortunately, most Halloween wigs are a hot mess right out of the package.  I’ve seen several pins for how to detangle a dolls hair on Pinterest and the light bulb went off! Got to love Pinterst, right?! So I got to thinking, why can’t this work for my daughter’s wig? So I decided to give it a shot and I was beyond excited about my results!

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You will need:

fabric softener


spray bottle

foam hair rollers (if your wig has curl. Also remember the smaller the roller, the more curl)

doll hair brush 

wig (this wig is a Descendants Evie wig)

Before photo

Mix 1/3 fabric softener with 2/3 water in the spray bottle. I found it easier to have something support the wig as I worked. I went in sections, just like you would use the foam rollers on a person. Make sure you are careful as you brush each section, the hair can come out easily. I sprayed each section until it was evenly wet. I then started with the roller at the bottom and rolled it up to the top. I worked my way around until all the sections were finished.  Make sure you wait until it is dry completely before you take the rollers out. If your wig is straight, I would spray the mixture on, brush it out, and then let it dry.

I have to say I was shocked that it worked so well! My daughter was super excited that it looks so much better and now she can’t wait to get all dressed up and show it off!

After photo

I hope this helps your Halloween costume become that much better!

Happy Halloween!!!!


This post contains affiliate links

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