I love Christmas traditions and one of my kids’ favorite is making reindeer food on Christmas eve.

We don’t leave carrots for them, but make them food out of oatmeal oats and “glitter” aka sprinkles. The kids have fun mixing and making different designs in their jars and before they go to bed we sprinkle it on the driveway so the reindeer can have a snack while Santa is inside! I let the kids decorate their jars and we use them every year.

I usually make my own “glitter”:
1/4 cup sugar and about 1/2 tsp of food coloring. I have found it’s easier to put it into a baggie to mix it. It also makes it easier, and cleaner, for little ones to help mix it this way.ย 

Spread on a baking sheet and bake for 10 min at 350.

I usually make the “glitter” at least the day before so it can really dry. After it cools I put it in a container until we are ready to use it.ย 

Stephanie Sanders

Stephanie Sanders is a Georgia girl now living in North Carolina with her husband and their two crazy kids. Thanks to Twilight, she reads as much as she can - her books are like her babies (and do not even think about touching her signed paperbacks)!
Even though she has a lot of book boyfriends, her hubby will always be her king (She does not care that his name is Jacob even though she is Team Edward). When she is not curled up with a good book and a coffee she enjoys shopping, working out, crafting, music, and playing in makeup. Chocolate will not last long when she is around it, and good luck if you are in a car with her...she will sing every song that plays!

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