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Disney’s“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” trailer has debuted.  Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning reprise their roles as the dark fairy Maleficent and Princess Aurora. The film also stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sam Riley, Harris Dickinson, Ed Skrein, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple and Lesley Manville. Talk about an all-star cast! Maleficent has always been my favorite Disney villain, and Angelina brings her to life perfectly! About Maleficent: Mistress of Evil The years have been kind to Maleficent and Aurora. Their relationship, born of heartbreak, revenge and ultimately love, has flourished, but the hatred between man and the fairies still exists. Aurora’s impending...
NEW Frozen 2 – Elsa and Anna’s Dramatic Journey
  Frozen 2 hits theaters on November 22nd. The NEW Disney trailer for Frozen 2  is out now and shows Elsa and Anna’s dramatic journey ahead. When it comes to her past, Elsa can’t seem to let it go (heh, see what I did there?) in the new Frozen 2 animated feature. Where did her powers originate? Are those powers too much for the world to handle? She has to travel north to the unknown, and seek the answers she hopes to find. Even though Elsa (Idina Menzel) must head on an adventure, she doesn’t go on the journey on her own. By her...
SHAZAM – Go See It
Sure, that big Endgame film is right around the corner, but have you seen SHAZAM yet? This superhero film from Warner Bros. isn’t like the rest of them. There’s a joy, lightness, and fun to this film, while still holding high stakes and action. The movie is about foster kid Billy Batson who is fourteen years old and searching for where he belongs. His heart is good, but it’s tested as he’s given powers by a wizard. He says the word—SHAZAM—and becomes a “twenty-something, maybe even thirty” good-looking guy with bulging muscles and superpowers that rival Superman’s. Zachary Levi plays the...
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase Blu-ray Giveaway!
Nancy Drew Mystery! Who doesn’t love a great mystery? Join in this mystery and fun with Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. The movie was enjoyable, the characters utterly lovable. It reminded me of my childhood when I’d sift through the library shelves looking for the next Nancy Drew book I’d check out. Adventure and mystery abound in this fun, sparkling movie. Scroll below to play a special blog app game and help Nancy out of a jam, and enter to win your own copy of the Blu-Ray DVD! Giveaway! **Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy...
Toy Story 4 – Full-length Trailer Makes You Cry
The full-length trailer for Toy Story 4 is out, and it makes you cry. Seriously. New Toy, New Adventure Forky the spork, made by Bonnie, doesn’t feel like he’s a toy. Forky’s made for soup, salad, maybe chili…and then the trash.  He makes his escape, but Woody, voiced by Tom Hanks, goes after him to convince him that Bonnie is now his new purpose. Check out my first blog post about the new characters in the film.     Together, Forky and Woody set on a wild road trip that includes a run-in with Woody’s former flame, Bo Peep. She embarks on...
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